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“I hobbled into Associated Orthopedics today as a walk-in. Naturally, I expected the normal walk-in physician experience of several hours spent in the waiting room before ever seeing the doctor.

What a pleasant surprise! I experienced the most efficient care that I have ever had a medical facility. The employees were extremely kind and Morgan Edwards was superb in his diagnosis. Received a steroid injection that I didn’t even feel. Would highly recommend Associated-Orthopedics.”

Pam C.

“The best hand doctors. All were great. Very helpful and explained every step.”

Google Reviewer

“I’ve been a patient there for several different surgeries (9 total- hips, knee’s & shoulders) over the last 15-18 years. The people that work there are very nice, helpful, friendly as well as the doctor’s. This is a Top Notch place in my opinion.”

Randy G.

“Just went through shoulder surgery. All the drs i have seen so far are very caring and passionate about what they do.”

Kimberly H.

“Dr. Horton operated on my impinged elbow several weeks ago. He was very thorough and answered all my questions during the consult. The surgery went well and I am pleased with my outcome. I would certainly see him in the future if the need arises.”

Richard B.

“Dr. Riggins did my knee replacement. He is caring and great surgeon. Almost 3 yrs out and I’m doing great.”

Patty R.

“Very professional treatment. Good staff and quite quick in-and-out.”

David G.

“Our daughter had a sports injury and Dr. Riggins took wonderful care of her. The staff was kind and helpful and answered all of our questions. I could not have been more pleased with our experience.”

Michelle K.

“I was very pleased with the care I received here, Dr. Miller was excellent and very helpful.”

Gina S.


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